About Us

Brief introduction of Ming Feng Old Photo Restoration​

Ming Feng Creative Art was established in 2004 in Beijing, mainly engaged in graphic design, custom painting and old photo restoration. We have great expertise in old photo restoration with nationally leading techniques. Over the years we have won praises and trust of many customers (e.g. the National Library, the China Federation of Literary and Art Circles, urban archives, former residences, government agencies, businesses, and renowned individuals) by virtue of technical superiority and quality services.

In 2017 we moved our office to Hong Kong and will continue to serve each customer with premium repair services and to earn their satisfaction in the partnership. With two decades of expertise in old photo restoration, we stick to the highest standards and exceptional results in every step of the work!


Our strength --- a solid foundation of painting is the key to photo restoration quality.

Graduated from Beijing Normal University with a degree in Fine Arts Education, Ke MingFeng also received training from the Central Academy of Fine Arts in the Oil Painting department, taught fine arts, and is an expert in painting and computer graphics with years of experiences. He regards photo restoration as the process to create fine art pieces and pays attention to authenticity and details. He is proficient in restoring the well damaged to complete brand new, helping you rescue old photos and preserve precious memories.



Removing scratches, textured, stain, dirty spots, color, color correction, mosaic, retouching, damage ......

Perennial retouching recruit students on the basis of who has ps up to 7 days can master the core, up to March novices to fully grasp repair skills. It is your ideal income and zero risk of good projects.

Perennial art training
Drawing, color, sketch. Requirements and adults over 12 years of age